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This Week in Search 5/6/09

Happy Friday! Here’s the round up of some of the best blog posts I’ve read this week…


Search Engines

What could cause the death of Google? Boris writes about a potential Google killer… nope it’s not Bing, but you knew that, right? ;)


Does PageRank sculpting work anymore? At SMX Advanced Matt Cutts said no.   There’s also controversy over Google’s new handling of JavaScript’s “onClick” function. Rand’s take on this, and his follow up over at SEOmoz are also well worth a read.

Molly over at Distilled is reminiscing about global hypercolor t shirts (weren’t they brilliant?) and more usefully from an SEO perspective reminding us about the 90′s SEO technique that still works.

Social Media

Dealing with negative online reviews of your business? David Ingram dispenses some excellent advice on how to handle it.


When it comes to PPC is the what more important than the how? Interesting reading from SEMGeek

Aaaannnnd Finally, Friday’s Funny

A literal version of Total Eclipse of the Heart…

Have a lovely weekend :)


Image credit “T” altered art

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