10 Day Panda Update Rolled Out

17 Rebecca D'Cunha


This year has been the year for many major updates within Google – and it’s still only July! Once again Google are changing the game by deciding to launch Panda updates that will occur every 10 days. Traditionally, these updates have occurred every one or two days but Google believes that this is having too much of a dramatic impact on webmasters. According to the Search Engine Journal the 10 day updates will occur in a “softer manner”.

Google engineer Matt Cutts has said that the new Panda updates are spread like this to: “lessen the impact that it has on webmasters.” Although this may be the case, it will be harder for webmaster to decide if the usual fluctuations are just that or if they are the updates.

One impact of the new 10 day updates is that informational websites that have always ranked highly on Google, such as Wikipedia, are now seeing a significant impact which is allowing room for authority sites to rank higher. Many webmasters are also now suggesting that the use of Google+ is having a very positive effect on their positions within Google and a number have also seen an increase in the number of impressions, although click through rates have remained steady.

To make the most of the updates and secure high rankings there are some easy steps to ensure the updates have a positive effect on your position rather than a negative. The first thing to do is to create a Google authorship as many webmasters are claiming that this is a great SEO signal. Next is to create a Google+ account and then a Google+ business page along with other forms of social media.

The impact of social in SEO is great, so you are definitely missing out if you are not keeping yours updated on a frequent basis. Not only does it have a great SEO benefit but it will enhance your brand awareness making you a trusted source within your industry. Although no one knows exactly how Google+ helps rankings, it definitely doesn’t hurt.

The new 10 day Panda update was first rolled out on the 18th of July which means we all have five more days till the next one. Although, as long as there is no black hat SEO taking place on your website you shouldn’t see too much impact due to the “softer manner” of the update.

If you do have any questions on how this update, or any of the other Google updates, will affect your website and your business make sure you contact us and we will be happy to help.