10 Things that Drive Digital Marketers Mad

17 Rebecca D'Cunha


If you read the Gravytrain Digital Marketing Blog on a regular basis you will already know that we have a passion for everything to do with digital marketing. However, as with any job, there are certain things that make our lives that little bit harder or can even drive us potty every now and again! We know that this is the same for every digital marketer in the industry, so for a bit of fun we thought we would put together 10 things that drive digital marketers mad:

1. SEO Spam Emails

We can’t even begin to count the amount of emails we receive stating that we can get in the first page of Google within one week. What we do wonder is how many people actually respond to them…

One does not simply

2. Comment and Trackback Spam

If you use WordPress then you will understand why Askimet is possibly the best thing in the world. No longer do you have to deal with comments on your blog linking you to ‘Cheap Luis Vuitton Handbags’ and questionable pharmaceutical websites.

Spam All the Blogs

3. Keywords not Provided

If you work in the digital marketing industry then you will remember the small yet palpable rage that every SEO specialist felt when Google announced that all keywords would be ‘not provided’. Funnily enough they were still available for adverts. That you paid for. With Google.

Hey girl

4. Unapproved Ad Copy

You have given in and decided to give Google all your money. Now they won’t show your ad because of semantics.

Take my money

5. No Google+ Analytics

These days every company worth its salt is on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, which is why they all want information concerning how well their posts are doing. Unfortunately, Google has decided that we don’t need this information for Google+, but you still need to have it as part of your SEO campaign anyway.

try and work

6. Memes getting more likes than your Content

Social media site users do not care for your well thought out and SEO optimised content.

Not sure if

7. Confusing Referrals in Google Analytics

Don’t get us wrong, Google Analytics generally makes our lives easier, but why does Google turn up in our referrals list? And what is my website doing there?

I want answers

8. Unwanted Ad Clicks

While you were in Google Analytics someone from Portugal clicked on your UK-targeted ad. Congratulations, you just lost £10! The same goes for people that call tracked phone numbers trying to sell you something.

No idea

9. National/International Events

For no reason whatsoever your site traffic has dropped drastically in the past week. You spend half an hour trying to find out why until you realise everyone is watching the World Cup/Tour de France/Olympics. Could you all please kindly get back on the Internet?

Real Life

10. Pandas and Penguins

Once cute and fluffy animals that you just wanted to cuddle, now even whispering ‘panda’ or ‘penguin’ near a group of digital marketers causes them to go into panic mode.

Matt Cutts