Only 27% of those working in the Britain’s digital industries are women

7 Aaron Falloon

A new report issued by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) have confirmed that only 27% of the digital sector’s workforce in the UK are female. The ratio of women to men in the digital workplace has widened since the last report in 2002 – where it was found 33% of the workforce were women.

The shockingly low figures cement what many already knew – that digital remains as male-dominated industry. However, the proportion of female digital employees is expected to grow by 2022; based on current trends, UKCES believe that percentage will rise to 30%.

Along with this, it is expected that the UK will need an extra 1.2 million new digital workers in seven years.

It is a concern for many within digital that we remain such a male-led industry and some initiatives have been set up to tackle the issue. Those of note include TechFuture Girls (a community of after school clubs) and the crowdfunding sensation Queen of Code.

With schemes such as those mentioned above and with female tech role models like Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to look up to, I see no reason why the percentage of women working in digital should not meet the projected 2022 figure or even exceed it.