5 Fantastic Forgotten Magento Features

4 Jason Ford

Magento Developer 2

Magento is by far the most widely used Ecommerce platform. It is a modular system that allows you to use a huge range of features that enhance both customer experience and the administrator’s ability to manage the store easily. With a large amount of out of the box functionality in a Magento store, often things get forgotten about. The most commonly used features are order and customer account management, product creation, promotions and coupons, multi store set up etc. But in this post, we will have a look at some of the features that people may have let slip.

Admin session lifetime

The admin session lifetime is, in simple words, the time in seconds that the user can stay logged in the admin area of Magento with an idle connection. To change this setting, go to:

System > Configuration > Advanced > Admin > Security > Session Lifetime (seconds) and insert your desired value.

Product Ratings

The use of reviews and ratings is a quite commonly used Magento feature. But did you know that you can set up multiple criteria that your customers can rate your products on?

To do so, go to Catalog > Reviews and Ratings > Manage Ratings and click Add New Rating. You can now add new rating criteria, such as Delivery, Ease of Use, etc.

Tier Pricing

Tier pricing is a tool that would allow the merchant to set up different pricing on a product based on the quantity bought. This way the merchant can create a promotion of the “Buy X for Z and save Y % “type.

To set up tiers, go to Catalog > Manage Products and select a product. Go to the Prices tab, and click on “Add Tier”. Select the quantity, customer group and the discount percentage for each tier, and save your product.

Customer group pricing

You can easily set up a product to show a different price, depending on the customer group of the visitor. Simply go to Catalog > Manage Products and select a product. Go to the Prices tab and click on “Add group price”. You can now set a discount amount for different customer groups.

Product Alerts

This is a handy feature that would allow your customers to sign up for email notifications when either:

  1. The product price changes
  2. The product is back in stock.

Again, this is straightforward to enable. Simply go to: System > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Product Alerts.

From here you can enable/disable these features, as well as select the email template that will be used when notifying the customer.

We have just covered a small portion of some Magento features that are not very popular or not widely known between merchants. Surely there is more there, and there is a great amount of documentation in the internet. A good place to start with, is the official user guide , which can be found in the Magento User Guide.

Making the most out of your store is what you should be aiming for , and Magento could meet many of your requirements out of the box. If not , there are many modules that are either free or can be purchased, that add some extra functionality to your store, but this could be the topic of another blog post.

We can help you make use of all of these Magento features and more through our Magento Support service 020 3813 5351.