6 Secrets to Successful Copy!

By following our advice below, we can help transform into the Rocky of the content marketing world.

3 Henry Kingston

The world of content marketing is like stepping into a ring with Mike Tyson. Unless you are thoroughly prepared and can produce something truly spectacular, you stand almost no chance of succeeding (or surviving!)


Read anything you can get your hands on. Read good journalism, appalling journalism, biographies and obituaries. Books, opinion pieces, clickbait, white papers. The more you read the better, because by being exposed to good and poor quality writing, it will hone your own writing skills in and give you a greater pool of knowledge to draw ideas from when you are assigned your next copywriting task.

Pen and Paper

Remember them? Those things you used to use at school to do comprehension exercises? As somebody who spends all day in front of a screen, I can safely say that sometimes it can dull your creativity somewhat.

Let’s be honest, Word is probably the least inspiring thing to look at imaginable. But that is where the paper and pen come into play! Writing out your ideas by hand, and having them on a page before you, can help everything fit into place. You will spot connections you may never have noticed were it all done on screen.

Clever Headlines Create Clicks

If the audience is your catch, then the headline is the bait with which you can reel them in. When writing headlines, imagine them being said aloud by a town crier, or a 1920s newspaper seller; “READ ALL ABOOOUUUT IT!”. A headline is never a quiet thing; it must be louder and smarter than all of its competitors. Advertising maestro David Ogilvy put it best:

On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar.

- David Ogilvy

Research Rules

Did you know that the R in ‘great content’ actually stands for Research?

Gather exclusive info, or dig deep to find data other people have yet to make use of. People love to know about the new and to feel as if they are being let in on a secret, or some sort of inside knowledge. Statistics and hard facts also add an air of the expert to your content.

Short and Sweet

There will be readers who will not even make it to this paragraph!

Whatever you have to say, keep it concise and bear in mind that the attention span on the average person has plummeted over the last few years. Not only this, but competition levels are also through the roof when it comes to content marketing, so your content must be attention grabbing enough for people to notice, but also interesting enough for them to actually read.

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