A day in the life of an SEO

9 Dan Whitehouse

Having been in the SEO industry for quite a few years now, times are getting harder! As a company and as an individual, we do everything we can to anticipate change that might affect our SEO strategy and evolve our process to adhere to this change.

Change is happening ALL THE TIME.

Every day there’s a new blog post created from an ear twitching, ever listening SEO community trying to interpret the signals webmasters and Google are sending to help the SEO community evolve. These signals can often lead us in the right direction, but still with a lot of gaps to fill in about what our next steps are going to be.

A lot of industry related blogs are gaining traction within the wider community expanding their readership beyond the traditional SEO. This leaves SEOs in a sticky situation because the whole world then turns into an SEO expert. Day in, day out we get calls from prospective clients saying ‘we’ve got £300 p/m and want a boost up the rankings’. I’m really sorry to address all the ‘SEO experts’ directly, but please utilise the experts that live and breath this discipline.

I’d like to consider myself a bit of an expert having been immersed in the SEO business for the better part of a decade now (Wow, has it been that long?!). It truly is an ever evolving industry that needs a constant ear to the ground to keep up to date with everything that’s going on.

I can’t count how many clients have called Gravytrain over the past month because of a ‘sudden drop in traffic’. Well, the answer is often simple:

If you pay cheap, you pay twice.

Please, for the love of god, stop searching for £200, £300 pounds a month SEO services. The amount of clean up work we have to do on a daily basis fixing the aftermath of these barbarians is taking up all of our time. Here’s an idea… Come to us a year earlier and reap the rewards of a 1 to 3 year strategy that’s got your business objectives in mind.

SEO metrics such as links, rankings and visibility are still important metrics, but not as important as money right? Would you rather an agency that looks at your bottom line and puts a plan together to hit objectives that matter to you? Or would you prefer an ‘agency’ to build you 3 links a month that have no bearing on the price of bread.

Sales bit…

As a department head, I have an obligation to try and entice you to join our wonderful client list here at Gravytrain. Switch off now!
We want to work with you. We want to deliver an outstanding service and a cutting edge strategy for you. It’ll take a bit of work to get you up to speed, but after that we will be ploughing through a strategy that’ll no doubt win awards for both you and us! We’re so confident in our abilities, we’re submitting 15 entries to a major awards ceremony this March! Put your faith in us, we’re certainly the agency for you.

Contact us now to find out how our SEO services will support your business needs 020 3930 5378.