Adobe Acquires Magento Commerce in Billion Dollar Takeover

With news of the joining of these two huge tech brands, we look at the details of the deal and why Adobe and Magento might just be perfect partners

Kira Hawker

There has been big news in the ecommerce world today as two giants come together under one roof.  Tech giant Adobe have secured the $1.8billion acquisition of the hugely popular ecommerce platform Magento.


Two Giants Come Together

The purchase is believed to be taking place during the last parts of 2018, aligning with the end of Adobe’s fiscal year. The amalgamation of these two brands is aimed at integrating the power of the Magento Commerce Cloud with the Adobe Experience Cloud, thereby offering a singe platform that will give both B2C and B2B customers brand new levels of functionality.

Adobe’s official press release states:

“Magento brings Adobe Experience Cloud digital commerce enablement and order orchestration for both physical and digital goods across a range of industries, including consumer packaged goods, retail, wholesale, manufacturing and the public sector.

The Magento partner ecosystem provides thousands of pre-built extensions … This level of flexibility gives businesses the ability to quickly ramp and iterate their commerce capabilities for their unique business needs.”

Magento 2 services from Gravytrain

Why Magento?

Adobe is known globally for Photoshop®, Illustrator®, InDesign® and Dreamweaver®, among other programs, and many people live their daily lives embedded in one Adobe product or another.

As a leading name in delivering top notch digital experiences through content and data, it made sense for Adobe to choose to acquire a company that offers the same levels of quality within an ecommerce sphere. Magento itself has been a consistent name in ecommerce, powering websites for the world’s most recognisable brands, including Nike, Kurt Geiger, Osprey London and Christian Louboutin to name just a few.

Magento is also Gravytain’s ecommerce platform of choice, meaning we are likely to see positive changes in what we are able to offer clients once the purchase is finalised. Head of Web Services, Jason Ford, says of the news:

“Magento have always operated fairly independently of its parent companies, even when under the Ebay umbrella company (with siblings GumTree and PayPal). However, it might finally have found a good fit with Adobe. Hopefully this backing from Adobe will give Magento the gravity to accompany the success they have already seen, pushing Magento beyond the likes of IBM Hybris and SalesForce Demandware.”

The Future of Ecommerce

Global consumers are beginning to expect every aspect of their online journey to be shoppable. From the first click to the last tap, creating a seamless experience is what Adobe and Magento aim to do. Mark Lavelle, CEO for Magento, says: “Adobe and Magento share a vision for the future of digital experiences that brings together Adobe’s strength in content and data with Magento’s open commerce innovation.” And it’s a vision we agree with!

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