Art of eCommerce Optimisation: Part 1 – Amazon

10 Guy Swanborough


For anyone that has their business online, the majority all know how furious competition is to get people on to their site over their competitors. And the multitude of channels to promote their site at their disposal are growing by the day – PPC, SEO, social platforms, affiliates, e-mail, text, AMP and so on. But many ecommerce vendors will rely on the portal they sell their merchandise on to make their products much more findable.

But these large web-stores are essentially search engines themselves. When it comes to consumer products, most people will search on Amazon for it than Google itself, and eBay and Gumtree host similar stats catered for the products they sell. And each web-store will have its’ own set of factors which enable certain items to appear higher than others when searched for, so it is important to realize that e-commerce optimisation is as essential as traditional SEO when it comes to getting people find your product.

Here are some of the ways Amazon product page optimisation can be different.

All about the On Page

Traditional SEO is a balance on both the on- and off-page factors, as the quality of links leading to your site are as important as what’s actually on it. Yet backlinks to an Amazon product page will not affect how it ranks on Amazon search listings. Here, it is more important to focus on the structured data, associated search terms, image quality and user reviews

Structured Data

Luckily entering your product onto an Amazon product page has a load of fields that simply need populating which will automatically create the various types of structured data, which can help that product rank if the user searches for something specific. It will also make your product easier to find if the user applies any filter fields to their search results, to narrow them down to items more relevant to their preferences.

Associated search terms

Unlike SEO keywords which can contain overlap of specific words within many search queries, entering Search Terms into the Amazon Seller Central is quite different – it is essentially letting you enter the variety of terms people might search for to find your product. You are quite limited with how many you can enter, so it is vital to ensure you do not repeat any words.

For example, optimising for “Top Gear DVD set”, you’d add “bbc motoring show Jeremy Clarkson car program”


When selling any tangible product online, if you aren’t making full use of your images you could be seriously missing on selling opportunities, as most people want to see the product from as many (necessary) angles as possible. If you are only providing a limited amount, they will think you are hiding something, or that it is poor quality.

If it comes in a box, show the box, as well as everything that comes included; if it’s electronic, show all the buttons/ports/connections; if it is an item of clothing, show it being worn by an actual person.

Great Copy

This is a given when optimising for anything online, but ensuring you make full benefit of the title, description and bullet-points available, describing your product with as much relevant detail for the user as possible. It is best to think like the user when doing this, and not the marketing department – so be sure to highlight features they want to know, and not what you think they should know.

Product Performance

The next set of key factors are more determined by how you run your business as a whole, but can certainly impact their rankings on the world’s largest product search engine.

Ultimately, Amazon wants to give preference to the product vendors that make them the most money, in terms of conversion rate and user satisfaction. This means your products need to be competitively priced compared to other web-portals selling the same product, so the user feels they are getting a better deal on Amazon, hence more likely to buy.

Once they have bought your product, they want to know that they are getting the best value for money, in terms of quality, support or delivery. This will make it easy for them to leave a positive review, which builds trust among other users thinking of buying. So your after purchase support is just as important as getting them to buy in the first place.

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