By embracing digital change, Domino’s remain leaders in pizza delivery market: Shares increase by 14%

7 Aaron Falloon

Domino’s Pizza’s recently released sales and share-price figures have reaffirmed the company as market-leaders in the food delivery industry. And experts are claiming that the reason behind their success is digital.

The chain announced earlier today that during the last quarter, they saw their sales and share-price both increase by over 14% to record highs of £200 million and £10.16, respectively. On top of this, orders from mobile and devices rose by 35% and over three-quarters of all orders are now made on line.

Digital Onion are long-time admirers of Domino’s Pizza and the way in which they not only embrace change in the digital space, but use it to create innovative and exciting strategies to market to their audience.

The company first opened an on line service in 1999 and launched an app in 2010. Earlier this year, they also utilised social media by creating a functionality that gives customers the ability to make an order by simply tweeting a pizza emoji.

Cases like Domino’s Pizza demonstrate that by committing to and investing in technology, companies can connect with and become more accessible for their audience.

Photo by Pixabay

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