Christmas Ads are Coming…

7 Aaron Falloon

It’s that time of year again where television, the internet and radio start showing companies’ Christmas themed adverts, but judging by Kit Kat’s latest television effort, you would be hard pressed to figure out what the time of the year it actually is.

The Nestle owned company has opted for a blank screen, audio only voiceover, proclaiming no celebrities or fictional families are needed to sell their product whilst still encouraging the viewer to ‘have a break, have a Kit Kat’

It is predicted that £310 million will be spent with terrestrial and satellite providers by advertisers over the festive period, and whilst there is no set formula for what will make consumers part with their hard earned cash, something mildly engaging, even self-deprecating normally works.

Coca Cola’s festive themed ‘Holidays are Coming’ commercial, debuted in 1995 and has stood the test of time to become as much a part of the Christmas festivities as your Turkey or tree.

The Czech based car manufacturer Skoda took a big risk in lampooning itself during a period of time where it was seriously failing, by convincing the individual in the showroom that ‘it’s a Skoda, honest’ which was a tongue in cheek reference to its diminishing reputation. The advert single handily turned around its fortunes.

As well as comedic value and feel good factor, the X Factor is another ingredient employed by advertisers to entice the consumer.  Celebrities have been hired to sell anything and everything but their face has to fit the brand.

Family man Peter Andre has fronted Iceland’s campaign after the nation warmed to him on 2004’s I’m a celebrity, Get Me out of Here. The latest series winner, Vicky Pattison from MTV’s Geordie Shore, is predicted to be signed up as well, just in time for Christmas.

The flip side of employing brand ambassadors is that they are expected to act impeccably at all times and short of putting them in solitary confinement, this is never usually the case. A Nike athlete who might find himself in that position soon is the Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius. Predictably Pistorius has been dropped from his Nike contract due to the situation he is in.

Personally, I know I am easily swayed by the power of advertising and that I make purchasing decisions that depend on what I see and hear in the advertising world. Now excuse me whilst I have a Kit Kat, wash it down with a Coke, and drive off into the sunset in my Skoda.

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