Customer Experience Personalisation in Ecommerce

4 Jason Ford

It’s the trend that is hard to escape in 2016, and it’s only going to become more prevalent in 2017. Customising a customer’s shopping experience is one of the biggest areas of investment for Ecommerce businesses in the UK and around the globe. So how do you start, and keep up with the big players that are jumping to add personalisation?

What is personalisation?

Personalisation involves using data that has been collected about the customer, to change, improve and streamline their shopping experience beyond what would be considered as standard. This can be as simple as showing a different shipping promotion message for customers in different countries (see example below); to product recommendations based on what other customers shopping habits are like.

US Shipping Promotion Message:


UK Shipping Promotion Message:


Customers are sometimes so overwhelmed by choice (multiple websites, brands and products), that they need help finding what they’re looking for. If a retailer can help sort through all the noise and show the customer a curated list of items specifically chosen for them, it is an exceptionally good customer experience.

Personalisation is the next logical step to A/B/n testing which involves finding the optimal version of something thing testing and iterating. Personalisation takes things to the next level, building on top of the testing, to try and find the most optimal version for a different segment of customers.

Getting started with Magento Ecommerce personalisation

Magento doesn’t have a lot of personalisation options ‘out of the box’, especially for Magento Community Edition. However, there are some powerful features that you can make use of to make your customer’s experience a more unique one:

  • Use Customer Groups to segment your customers; e.g. a VIP customer group
    • Show different pricing per customer group
    • Offer cheaper shipping to VIP customers
  • Custom Promotional Messages Per Store View/Website
  • Include the Recently Viewed block
  • Include the Reorder Block
  • Include special offers in Transactional Emails

Advanced Ecommerce Personalisation

Magento Connect features a wide variety of personalisations modules and services, which can help boost sales and conversions on your website. Some of these require very little setup, and can have an instant impact on customer experiences.


Nosto offers a quick to install Magento module, and was winner Magento’s 2016 Shooting Star award. Nosto looks at hundreds of thousands bits of data across your site in real-time, to help you go beyond the numbers and see the customer. Using this data Nosto can provide instant, relevant and personalised recommendations to all your customers.

The Nosto platform has grown beyond onsite recommendations and is now made up of these four powerful sales tools:

  • Personalised Facebook Ads: The fastest, easiest way to deliver personalised advertising to a marketplace of over 1.4 billion people
  • Personalised Product Recommendations: Recommend shoppers the most relevant products in real-time based on their unique user behaviour
  • Personalised Behavioural Pop-ups: Reduce site abandonment and increase conversion with time-limited special offers and one-time discounts
  • Personalised Triggered Emails: Reconnect with your customers through automated, personalised emails

All of these features work exceptionally well to drive sales, and their reporting and analytics platform helps you further refine and improve the performance of your personalisation.


Ometria provides exceptional customer insights and modelling by utilising Purchase History, Browsing Behaviour, Marketing Interactions and Demographic Information to get a full picture of the customer.

Utilising this data, you’re able to produce extensive engagement marketing through triggered emails, product recommendations and social retargeting.

We’ve all had the generic and boring emails that most retailers send, Ometria gives your marketing team a one stop shop to understand customer behaviour, send personalised messages, and measure marketing performance.

To summerise…We’re excited about the opportunities and ROI that you clients are getting from personalisation. Looking at the growth and improvement of Nosto and Ometria, it looks like this is a trend that will stick, and become ‘the way we sell’ online.

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