Day One of Internet World 2012

17 Rebecca D'Cunha


This week the Gravytrain team has been attending Internet World across all three days of the exhibition at Earls Court. On Tuesday, myself and Matthew Read represented Gravytrain as we soaked up the informative seminars and browsed through the masses of exhibitors at the event.

Upon arriving at the event we knew exactly which seminars we wanted to attend so we wasted no time in making our way to the Advertising, Affiliate and Search theatre for a talk regarding the optimisation of video ads. One particular take-away from the opening session was the fact that Google will soon be launching a new interface for managing your video ads. Currently this technology is in the beta stage however.

After this we perused the multitude of exhibitors in order to engage in the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of the event and in order to, of course, look for new ideas and new contacts within the Digital-sphere.

After a bite of lunch we headed to the Content Management Theatre to take in a very informative talk regarding the on-site customer experience and the engagement of information. Sonja Keerly, of SDL, spoke about the importance of engaging content and understanding your audience so that you can target them effectively with relevant and remarkable on-site experiences.

The next talk we attended was to do with the future of organic search and how there is an apparent ‘untapped goldmine’ within organic search. What astounded me was the sheer volume of new search queries made each and every day. It’s been recorded that there are around 200 million new queries being made every day. With a means to tap into these new and increasing search queries, many businesses have been making additional revenue. The talk was thus an example as to how any website can be optimised for the additional search queries that pop up on a daily basis.

The final talk of the day was made by Branded3, a Digital Marketing Agency in Leeds. They discussed the relationship between Twitter and Google Rankings. Using a mass of data they correlated that Twitter certainly does have an impact on Google Rankings – something, to be fair, we already knew, however they wanted to measure precisely (or as precisely as possible) just how much, or indeed how little, of an impact Twitter can have. The conclusion they drew was that if you are able to get a link tweeted 0-50 times, then Google’s algorithm will take note and your rankings should improve.

All in all, Internet World proved to be a great event to enhance your knowledge and generate new, creative ideas in what is a constantly evolving industry. I’d certainly recommend next year’s event!