Desert Island Digital – SEO Tools

17 Rebecca D'Cunha

It’s no secret that nearly everyone who works in digital marketing is a bit of a geek, with the conversations we have on our team sometimes being way up there on the nerd-scale. As we’re all a creative, techie bunch, we like to discuss a range of subjects in order to come up with new ideas and strategies… however sometimes these conversation can take a bit of an odd turn.

Recently a debate broke out amongst the Digital Team on “desert island tools” – a conversation I’m sure has been had in digital marketing agencies across the world. So with no longer a due, we present to you the first of our “Desert Island Digital” blogs, with this week’s focussing on SEO tools:

“If you were on a desert island and could only have one SEO tool, what would it be?”

Deep Crawl – Matthew Cayless, SEO Account Manager

With DeepCrawl I am able to very quickly prioritize and gain actionable technical insights into clients’ accounts.

The area where I believe DeepCrawl is most useful is being able to crawl large websites with potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions of pages due to it running on cloud based servers.

For everyone that finds themselves in the unfortunate position of being stuck on a desert island, I urge you to trade in your Bear Grylls survival guide for the one and only Deep Crawl!

Screaming Frog – Mike Curtis, SEO Account Manager

Screaming Frog is one of the most versatile and useful tools out there, especially now there’s a built-in scraper. It’s a key part of just about every workflow of mine. Obviously, for technical audits, it’s a really robust tool and just about the only crawler not named “DeepCrawl” that gives the information I need in 2015.

The scraper though makes it infinitely more powerful – being able to extract, say, a client’s entire product range and price with one xpath statement is an underrated game changer and automates the first step for really deep commercial projections and content analysis at scale.

The memory and hardware requirements are not great; I’d love a lightweight version that is more memory efficient (and doesn’t turn my laptop nuclear!) but it’s best in class as far as I’m concerned.

Cognitive SEO – Joseph Volcy, SEO Account Manager

With CognitiveSEO I get most of the information I need all in one place: in-depth backlink analysis, SEO visibility, social visibility, rank tracking and a SEO dashboard.

The CognitiveSEO tool also has a full set of SEO management tools to help track campaigns and assign to-dos. I can easily track keyword rankings, uncover the historical SEO visibility of any site via Searchmetrics data and compare competitors SEO metrics.

All in all Cognitive SEO provides a unique analysis process that delivers in-depth backlink analysis and a good set of tools for content auditing and rank tracking. It’s all about survival on a desert island, not luxury, and I believe CognitiveSEO’s features will maintain your SEO projects and keep them alive!

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