If The Digital Marketing Channels Were Valentine’s Dates

7 Aaron Falloon

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and to celebrate we’ve reimagined our favourite digital marketing channels as a group of singletons looking for a date. Read their profiles below to see which one tickles your fancy!


Patient guy seeking someone in a high position to link up with. Titles are important, but the ability to hold a conversation with good content is a must. Got a penchant for white hats and innate fear of pandas and penguins.


Big-spending “it-boy” with a somewhat-shady past but improving YOY. Always aiming for a high conversion rate but not one for many words (like to keep it snappy). Not looking for anything long-term – maybe not Mr. Right but definitely Mr. Right-Now.

Social Media

Chatty, free–spirited and popular university-grad looking to meet all types of people. Like a good Twitter but beware, not just a pretty Face(book). Very partial to a “cheeky selfie” and use hashtags way too often (it’s like I invented them). Also, been engaged a few times.

Email Marketing

Straight-laced older gent seeking someone to open up to. Will contact you first, please unsubscribe if not interested or expect to be contacted numerous times a day (I’ve been described as rather keen). Available for dinner dates – as long as spam’s not on the menu!

Website Design

Appearance-obsessed male seeking a functional relationship with someone who has <style> and a great <body>. Always a <head> of my .class – are you my <type>?

Content Marketing

Authoritative and creative hipster whose popularity continues to increase. Looking for a serious relationship, hopefully ending in an engagement. Low immune system, seem to be going viral all the time. Pandas really like me and that SEO guy keeps asking me on dates.

If you would like to find the perfect digital marketing channel for your business, get in touch with our Cupids at Gravytrain and it might just be the start of a perfect relationship for you this Valentine’s Day!