Domino’s to allow US customers to order by emoji

7 Aaron Falloon

If you happened to wander upon the Twitter account of Domino’s Pizza in the past few days and witnessed their pizza emoji-heavy timeline, you could be excused at believing the social media manager there has taken a funny turn. However, as it transpires, there is reason behind it – from 20 May pizza-lovers in the US will be able to order a pizza by simply tweeting the account with the aforementioned emoji icon.

Regular customers can link their Twitter accounts with a Domino’s Pizza Profile and then opt for their preferred toppings. Meaning ordering your favourite pizza from the world’s largest pizza restaurant chain can take less than 5 seconds!

The service is only available to those living in the US at the moment. But it is believed there are plans in the pipeline to bring it to Blighty if it proves a success over the pond.

The move ticks all the boxes in regards to appealing to Domino’s 18 to 35 target audience; a campaign that simplifies the buying process using an often-used expression on a platform where their customers hang out.

On top of this, it has started a conversation on the role emojis play in modern communication. A point was raised that emojis could be the world’s first universally-understood language (but that’s a topic for a completely different post).

It’s not the first time Domino’s have used technology in an innovative way to improve the customer journey. Late last year, the launch of Domino’s XBox One app had gamers worldwide yelling, “Domino’s feed me” at their console.

Critics have raised concerns about potential problems with logistics. However based on the early buzz around the announcement, Domino’s are generating some great PR and should expect a prolific boost in sales as a result of the initiative.