Email Marketing Optimisation Guide Part 1 – User Bases

6 Nick May


When it comes to communicating with customers or prospective customers, email marketing is a highly effective method that can generate 20% more business from your current user base.

Email marketing is often neglected, but when done properly can be responsible for a huge percentage of your revenue. Some of our client campaigns have generated a staggering 45% increase on repeat business thanks to email marketing.

Now when I say email marketing I don’t just mean a plain text email generated by an automated system that doesn’t get updated, doesn’t get tested and is just left to run in the background. The only way to make email marketing perform at a high level is to make regular adjustments and monitor the performance.

As an example, let’s say you own an online shop and your level of email communication with customers is to update them of a successful order and nothing more… well that isn’t making the most out of your database or customer base. When you start introducing emails that are aimed solely at bringing people back to your site and making further purchases, you’ll really start to see a greater return on your efforts.

So I bet you’re wondering: where do I begin?

Well if you are then look no further, as the first thing to consider is how you’re collecting valid email addresses from users who are interested in the service or products you’re offering. After all, you’re not going to get a very effective marketing campaign off the ground if you don’t have anyone to send it to.

Consider starting small, add a section to your website that’ll allow users to enter their email addresses and in return you’ll email them about any new products or services and maybe even a discount!

Once you have a database of people interested in your products, be it from a newsletter or previous customers, you can start to think about what you want to offer.

An important part of email marketing is to segment and tailor emails to be both personal and relevant to what the user wants. If someone joins your database by buying an item of jewellery from your online shop but you then email them about your other business which sells car parts, you won’t have much success. Worse than that you’ll find people marking your emails as spam or unsubscribing from your list! This is why it is so important to promote things highly relevant to what your user wants to know about.

Once you’ve segmented your data into various categories such as age, gender or previous purchasing habits, you can start building tailored emails to market to your various groups of users.

For example, let’s assume you have services that are selling well with females as opposed to males; by segmenting your database you can contact all the female users with a tailored email promoting the services that they are generally more interested in. By doing this you will be able to have a much higher success rate and be less likely to get marked as spam, as well as show you’re a reliable source of products and services that interest them.

Now you know some of the basics to start with, in my next article I will begin showing you how to improve your open and click through rates.