Facebook show they’re serious about e-commerce: Social network to begin testing shopping features

7 Aaron Falloon

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, announced yesterday that the social network will begin testing in-app shopping features in the hope of making their e-commerce offering more appealing to advertisers.

Users will be able to purchase goods from retailers within the Facebook app. Meaning the process will become much smoother for the buyer and much easier to track for the seller.

Facebook are aiming to compete with large e-commerce players, such as Amazon, as they take steps to further monetize their 1.5-billion-user-network.

Facebook’s original e-commerce offering was, and still is, a sorry sight. This has lead to wide-spread criticism from advertisers. At the moment, mobile purchases only account for 2% of retail sales.

Some of the new features include a “buy now” button and ads that take users through a retailer’s entire product collection without directing them away from the app.

For the time being, the new features are only available to a select group of brands but Facebook will look to expand the offering should the test prove a success.

Photo by Pixabay

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