How could Gamification improve your SEO campaigns?

17 Rebecca D'Cunha


Search Engine Optimisation isn’t all fun and games, however they are increasingly becoming a more prominent part. In her recent article for Fourth Source, Gravytrain’s Digital Marketing Director Helene Hall discusses the process of gamification and how it is becoming increasingly prominent in a number of digital marketing campaigns.

Helene argues: “With today’s modern culture, games are glued to our fingers tips via mobile phones, Facebook and other social networks, which means we are exposed to and fed a diet of gamification on many different levels.” Gamification is therefore an extremely flexible term, meaning that digital marketers can alter their SEO campaigns to include gamification in a number of ways.

Helene points out that large companies such as Moz, LinkedIn, Codeacademy and Dropbox are already using gamification in order to encourage users to convert or reach desired goals. She adds: “Dropbox incentivises you to complete specific actions, and if followed rewards you with additional storage space from the basic free account.” Gamification therefore works on an individual’s eagerness to achieve something and be rewarded for it – the general purpose of any game.

Helene explains this in more detail by saying: “Gamification works off of our innate desires for competition, achieving success, self-expression and fun. Within gamification these desires can be labelled game dynamics such as: rewarding, achievements, competition, authority, and self-expression.”

Here at Gravytrain we have already utilised gamifcation on a number of our SEO campaigns, ultimately improving user engagement with numerous clients’ websites. By using gamification you can also encourage users and other webmasters to link to your site, which both improves your backlink profile and adheres to Matt Cutts’ rule that all links should be earned.

Webmasters and digital marketers are now focussing more heavily on creating engaging content in order to rank highly in Google’s SERPs, which is why gamifiction is extremely useful. To find out more, read Helene’s article in full on the Fourth Source website.