Google to be charged with abuse of power: India’s anti-trust watchdog take action after three year probe

7 Aaron Falloon

Google are to be charged with abusing their position of power in order to promote their services over competitor’s through both organic and paid search results. The news broke after the findings of a three year investigation were submitted to the Competition Commission of India.

The search engine was initially accused of violating competition guidelines by a handful of businesses. However, during the probe, CCI received responses from over 30 other companies including Facebook, Nokia and Microsoft (who are rumoured to have filed an extensive report) showing how Google’s rankings were biased against each of them.

Google will now need to show that the charges against them are false. The final decision of whether they are guilty will be made by a seven-member commission. Should the CCI find the Silicon Valley company guilty of rigging search results, they could face hefty fines and sanctions.

This is the first time an anti-trust body has brought the charges like this against Google and the verdict will be closely monitored by businesses around the world. If the CCI do decide to punish Google it may set a precedent and watchdogs of other countries may follow suit.

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