Gravytrain in Fourth Source – Twitter is Going Enhanced

17 Rebecca D'Cunha


This month Gravytrain’s Director of Search Helene Hall featured in Fourth Source with an article entitled, “Twitter is going ‘enhanced’: How can we get ready for the flocks?” Staying on top of the ever changing social media world is essential to us and our clients as it not only keeps our campaigns innovative but also ensures that our clients are receiving the best, most up to date practices available. Social media is becoming more and more essential for businesses to be part of, not just to create great brand awareness and instantly engage with their target market, but also because it can increase Google rankings.

In the article Helene shares her advice on the changes within social media and how you can get the most from your social campaigns. She starts by explaining what enhanced Twitter actually means and what they have in plan for the new strategy – being able to track live events and the interactions that happen around these events will be essential for businesses. Helene believes that once Twitter becomes enhanced there will be an increase in the amount of regular Twitter users and it will also become more integrated with other media such as television.

So with this knowledge, how do you ensure your brand makes the most of Twitter and benefits from the change? Well first things first, you will need us as your agency to make sure that you are not only capturing and targeting the right people, but that you are also positioned appropriately to evolve with future changes.

Helene highlights that this naturally starts with a strategy that comes in three stages: follow, create and engage. However, before these stages can even be considered the heart of the strategy needs to be created around the customers and the potential customers. An outline needs to be created of their current needs and their potential needs and queries for the future. Next, the position of your brand and product within your industry needs to be established before truly understanding your customers and then tailoring the social strategy to fit this.

In her article, Helene imparts her advice on how to go about tailoring your Twitter campaign and includes some bad practices to ensure you avoid these. To guarantee you get it right first time, get in contact with us and we will be able to give you advice and manage your campaign for you.

If you would like to the read the full article on Fourth Source please click here.