Gravytrain speaks at Kingston University’s “Spotlight on Marketing” event

2 Cara Wagner

On Tuesday 1st March 2016 Gravytrain attended Kingston University’s annual Spotlight on Marketing, Advertising and PR event where students from numerous media-related disciplines were given the opportunity to speak to industry experts. Gravytrain has attended events at Kingston University before, however this time we were there as part of a panel of experts that were questioned on how students could start a career in the marketing industry.

On the panel we were joined by seven prestigious industry peers including the Head of Global Health and Global Crisis team for PwC, Managing Director of Stratus Communications and Head of New Business for Blow Up Media to name a few. Between the panel there were decades of industry knowledge from a wide range of specialities including media buying, brand management and business consulting.

Naturally, Gravytrain attended as a digital specialist which proved extremely popular amongst students. Throughout the session we were able to dispel some of the myths surrounding finding a job in digital marketing as well as demonstrate the vast amount of opportunity available within our industry. Students seemed impressed by the fact that digital marketing is ever-growing and adapting, meaning if they are interested in pursuing a career in digital they would be encouraged to make their mark and bring something new to the table.

Interestingly, even though each member of the panel had a completely different background, there were certain subjects that we all agreed upon. For example, when it comes to starting a career in the marketing world it’s essential that students (or anyone else for that matter) have a true passion and vision for what they want to do. Honest and authentic candidates always come across well, especially if they know what they want and how they are going to achieve it.

One of the reasons Kingston University holds such events is to help teach students the skills required to find a job in the marketing industry during their placement years or once they have graduated. The panel provided this information in a formal setting, and afterwards the team set up a speed-interviewing session where students could learn interview skills and speak to experts on a one-on-one basis.

At the same time as Head of Digital Dan Whitehouse and SEO Account Manager Mike Curtis took part in the speed interviewing, other members of the team including CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Taylor set up a booth where students could come and find out more about Gravytrain. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to meet the next generation of digital marketers as well as discuss the possibility of internships and placement years here at our HQ.

We would like to thank Kingston University for having us on what we feel was a very beneficial night both for us and the students. We look forward to working closely with Kingston University on further projects in the future, however if you would like one of our experts to attend a similar event for your institution please get in touch.

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