Gravytrain’s Favourite Super Bowl Advert!

2 Cara Wagner

Last night at Levi’s Stadium the Super Bowl 50 took place, determining the winner of this year’s National Football League (or NFL if you are US born and bred). As this is one of the most-watched programs in America, millions of dollars are spent on advertising during the game’s commercials – and this year was no different! Huge brands including Heinz, Doritos and Hyundai joined in the fun to produce the most unusual or eye catching advert as is expected from companies who pay to appear during the big game.

Ad Meter Best: Hyundai “First Date”

In order to determine consumers’ reactions to these iconic adverts, USA Today set up an “Ad Meter” which collates votes to find out the best, worst, most underrated, and funniest (etc.) adverts. In fact, the Ad Meter has become one of the most closely watched measuring systems for advertising success. This year, the Ad Meter tells us that the winner of the best Super Bowl 50 commercial is the Hyundai “First Date” skit featuring comedian Kevin Hart as an overprotective Dad who follows his daughter around on her first date.

Ad Meter Worst: Persil’s ProClean “The Professional”

Within the Ad Meter’s ‘5 worst Super Bowl ads’ is Persil’s ProClean “The Professional” which stars Peter Hermann. When watching the advert, you realise that there is nothing necessarily ‘bad’ about it, however it’s just boring. Conversely, all the adverts that were most loved had something quirky or even slightly ridiculous about them.

Our favourite: Colgate’s “Save Water”

Gravytrain’s personal favorite was Colgate’s “Save Water” ad that has been integrated with an online campaign to save water. The advert shows a man turning on a tap in his bathroom and is followed by clips of several different people using the same tap for washing fruit, filling up a bowl and even a young girl using it as drinking water. Throughout the advert there are titles explaining that brushing your teeth with the faucet running wastes up to 4 gallons of water which is more water than many people around the world have in a week. This is a hard hitting fact and gets across everything Colgate wanted it to.

Along with their Super Bowl advert, Colgate has set up a landing page on their website in which you can sign up and ‘pledge to save water’. Colgate has also set up the hashtag #EveryDropCounts to get people talking about the advert and subsequent campaign. Scott Campbell, General Manager, Integrated Marketing Communications, North America at Colgate-Palmolive Company, said: “For Colgate, water is such an intimate part of the brand experience. We want to do our part to encourage consumers to get involved in our global effort to conserve water, especially when brushing their teeth.”

Another video that has gone viral is Beyoncé’s ALMOST flawless performance alongside Bruno Mars. The pair were on separate parts of the stage having a slight boy/girl dance off when Beyoncé lost her balance and almost fell, but in true Beyoncé fashion she managed to style it out. This just proves that sometimes these huge brands put a massive amount of time and money into the adverts but something that wasn’t supposed to happen can work even better!

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