Hackers attack Apple’s App Store: Malware affects a collection of Chinese apps

7 Aaron Falloon

Apple has suffered its first large-scale software attack. The victims: Apple’s App Store and a handful of apps (including some of China’s most oft-used). The alleged perpetrators: a group of hackers in China.

The American technology company are now taking steps to remove the malicious code, which can allegedly steal data about users from affected apps. On top of this, said apps have now been removed by Apple from their App Store.

XcodeGhost is a counterfeit version of Apple’s software for building iOS apps that contains malware. It was created by a group of hackers and then marketed to app developers in China.

Apps that have been developed using the software include WeChat and CamCard (which is also available outside of China).

Industry experts are claiming such an attack should not be able to happen to the App Store, which has long been viewed as a safe haven for app developers and users.

The scale of the attack is still unknown but, hopefully, it’s just a rotten apple…

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