The Hashtag: #Do’s and #Don’ts

3 Henry Kingston

As we all know, Social media plays a key role in digital marketing and in life in general. All it takes is for one of your social media posts to go viral, and it can change everything overnight and suddenly turn you or your company into a household name.

One of the ways to improve your chances of attaining the highly coveted viral status, is by using #’s to your advantage.

Below we have compiled a little list of #DOs and #DON’Ts so that you can become a master of the # and really get the most out of your social media channels.


  • Taper your # to the specific social network you are using. For example, Instagram #’s are focused on describing the photo and its contents, whereas Twitter is usually focused on a topic of conversation or aimed a group of people you want to engage.
  • Check each networks # guidelines for guidance
  • Use a clever, unbranded hashtag. Rather than simply using your company name, think of something which represents what your brand stands for. By encouraging users to share this, your company can end up getting free content generated by their followers
  • Research the most successful #’s associated with your industry
  • Check whether your # is already being used, as you do not want to inadvertently associate your brand with the wrong people


  • Use complicated #’s. Keep it short, clever and easy to spell. The role of a # is to make your brand easier to find and for your audience to engage with.
  • Go overboard with the #’s. The more you use, the more diluted your message becomes. So whilst on the surface you may reach more people, they are not the people you are aiming to reach. It can also make you appear desperate which is damaging to your brand.
  • Give everything a #. Sometimes, what you are producing might not warrant use of a #, for example if you are just sharing a news story.
  • Use overly popular #’s, because your content will quickly end up being pushed down the page as so much new content with that # is being uploaded.
  • Try too hard to be funny. Little jokes are fine for an individual, but it will do your business no favours.

Follow these and you will not go far wrong.


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