The Importance of Multi-Channel Approaches

Sam Ovenden

The dream scenario for marketers is an unlimited budget to work on the most creative and visible campaigns, which means being able to splash the cash everywhere – or professionally speaking – integrating marketing campaigns.

You look at the biggest brands out there; Coca Cola, Apple, McDonalds, and they all have one thing in common. They’re everywhere. You switch on your TV, they’re there. You walk down the street, they’re there. Scrolling through Twitter; they’re there. Indeed, digital marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to between 4,000-10,000 adverts each day (Red Crow Marketing, 2015). And you can bet the majority of these adverts are from the same few big players.

Whilst studying at university we would be given make believe projects with budgets of millions, with which we would all choose the same obvious – and expensive – platforms; TV, print, outdoor, etc.

And yet, the real world for marketers isn’t like this. For every one large company out there, there are thousands of small/medium sized businesses all of whom also need marketing campaigns; but without the budgets to chuck at all the obvious platforms. Instead, they need to be better focused, more cunning and strategic.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

The problem with this is companies can become too narrow minded and choose to go with just the one channel. This is an easy mistake to make; it can be tempting to select the channel you think will work best and push all your budget into it. But, reminiscing back to my university days again, our teachers and lecturers always drilled into us to test, test, test!

So, just because you have a smaller budget does not mean you shouldn’t test a number of channels to see what yields the best results for your business. These tests can show you which channel, or channels, to opt for. And in this sense, SME’s can learn from larger businesses. Believe it or not, they don’t (always) just advertise across numerous channels because they can. A multi-pronged approach reinforces your messaging and reaches your target audience at different stages of their buying cycle as well as casting a wider net to reach different groups of your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

At Gravytrain I’ve been working on several multi-channel digital campaigns for some of our clients. We’ve used a mix of PPC through AdWords Search & Display, as well as using social media marketing across a number of platforms. This multi-channel approach has allowed us to cultivate our target audience and lead them through the buying cycle with reinforced messages and a wider reach. AdWords allows us to reach users by what they search on the internet, while social media marketing allows us to target demographically, and can pick out certain job titles/roles to exclusively target.

It’s important to not spread yourselves too thinly, but it’s clear of the benefits that multi-channel approaches offer, and therefore the idea should not be dismissed too quickly.

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