Keep Learning and Challenge!

9 Dan Whitehouse

For some years now I’ve worked in an industry that is “forever changing”. Can you guess what industry that is? That’s right – digital marketing.

The common stories that appear throughout industry blogs are one of an industry that “never stands still”. For the most part this is driven by the efforts of an overarching company that is constantly improving, so therefore I / we need to keep learning. Being in the shadow of a giant such as Google is not always easy. What can we do about it? Not a lot. The only option is to keep adapting. “Survival of the fittest” ringing any bells? That one phrase is the absolute best policy where businesses are chasing their tails. 

Going back to the ‘Le Web’ conference of 2012, Sean Parker (co-founder of Facebook and protagonist for the original Napster) gave me something to remember that still resonates today. It’s a very simple truth that all tech businesses have to keep in the front of their minds: “Plan for three years from now.” Yes! Exactly right! What happens if you plan for now? Simple, you get left behind.

So how do we all ‘keep learning’ to keep Sean Parker and Google happy at the same time? Keep planning, keep adapting, censor check and, most importantly, don’t get lazy. Laziness is a disease that is spreading throughout this industry. Having been embedded in the industry for a number of years now there are still a huge number of companies who simply don’t care about your business but will do an incredibly good job of telling you that they do!

Next time you speak to your agency rep challenge them. You’re allowed to, you’re the client! What are they doing to stay ahead of the curve? What do they think is going to be the next big thing over the next year or so? What are they doing about it? Also, how are they putting your needs first?

We are always up for a challenge!

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