Magento & Nosto: Personalised Product Recommendations

Recommend shoppers the most relevant products in real-time based on their unique user behavior.

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Product Recommendations have been a big part of Ecommerce for many years. It’s an expected feature of any Ecommerce website. However, in the majority of cases these recommendations are almost useless to customers, so much so that a lot of customers end up simply ignoring them and ‘tuning them out’.

The reason that these are generally not working for you or your customers, is that the Up-sells and Cross-Sell recommendations have been created by your team, and are not being driven by real time customer data.

This is where Nosto’s Personalised Product Recommendations save the day!

  • Average Order Value

  • Revenue

Increase Revenue by an Average of 12%

Product recommendations, when used correctly, make up a significant part of the customer shopping experience. To make the most of this, Nosto analyses every aspect of the customer journey, and then uses the real-time data to display the most relevant products to customers at the right moments, leading to a better customer experience.

Happy customers means more returning customers, higher AOV and more sales!

Inspire Customer Browsing Habits

We’ve all been looking at a product on a website, scrolled down and seen a multitude of products titled as ‘You might also like…’.

How often are these actually relevant, and actually up to date? How often does your shopping experience end there, because you couldn’t find the right product?

Using Nosto strategically throughout your website, you can guide customers through a shopping experience, capturing customers who might otherwise exit, and up-selling to customers who would otherwise have purchased only the one product.

Shop assistant

Dressing your shop window

Starting with the homepage, this is a great place to include a trending products feed or, for returning customers, a personalised products feed or recommendations based on their previous purchases.

Showing them you’ve got the goods

Your product pages are where your traditional up-sells and cross-sells would usually sit. You can improve these by automatically recommending products that customers ultimately bought, as well as products that customers bought together. For multi-brands websites, it’s good to also show off similar products by other brands.

Turn search into dollars and delight

Improve your search results by having specific products be elevated to the top of your results using Nosto. This is a great way to bring your most relevant products according to buying behaviour of customers who previously searched the same term. Also prevent the dreaded ‘No Products Were Found’ error message, and customers misspelling skewing the results.

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