Magento: Stop Shipping Related Checkout Abandonment

6 Nick May

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to shipping. It goes far beyond the packaging and fulfilment of your orders. It’s how information is presented to your customers, as this can have a factor on conversions and the overall user experience.

Shipping is quite often low on the priorities when it comes to a Magento website but it can be the difference between success or failure.

Using the right supplier

It’s very important to consider your options when it comes to what shipping methods you are going to use. Not only will the right company benefit the options you can provide your customer but they could save you time and money in the long run.

Do you have the right options available?

Do the options you provide work with your products? For example, if your shipping charges start from £3.99 but you have individual items that people can buy for £4.99 that’s almost doubling the cost and this can be a real influence on a high cart abandonment rate.

You’ll also need to consider where you are shipping to and how that might vary your delivery costs such as Scottish Highlands or overseas. Make sure that your website caters for these in the best way that suits your business needs.

Don’t over complicate your offerings

You’ll soon start putting off potential customers if you provide too many options or make it hard to determine what each option provides.

Make sure the wording of available shipping options are informative.

Some example options that are too vague:

• Standard Delivery
• Express Delivery
• Premium Delivery

Some example options that are informative:

• 1 to 2 Day Royal Mail (Insured)
• UK Next Business Day Delivery (Order before 4pm)
• UK Saturday Delivery (Order before 12pm)

Presentation is key

Now you’ve got the right supplier, and you’ve considered the options you’re going to offer, but it’s still very important to make sure it’s well presented to your users.

Throughout the buying journey you should reference your available shipping options, helping customers to understand what’s available and then a simple selection process on checkout.

Customers will want to believe they are going to get their order delivered when it’s convenient for them so keep that in mind when you’re presenting when and how you will deliver.

Some example options as to how shipping information can be well presented:

Example 1: How to present shipping option
Example 2: How to present shipping option
Example 3: How to present shipping option

How can we use Magento to meet our shipping needs

Magento has certain options available out of the box to help companies meet their shipping requirements. In our experience, we usually extend these to provide a more in-depth and customisable platform to work from.

Magento will be capable of meeting your needs whether that is through the use of a third-party module such as WebShopApps Product Matrix or by choosing the right Magento agency to build a custom integration with a shipping supplier for you.

Shipping should be a priority

Hopefully now you can see the importance behind making real considerations around who you use to deliver your goods, how much you charge for it and how you convey all this to your customers.

Making shipping your priority will help not just cut down your cart abandonment rate but increase your repeat business. Customers who have a good experience with your company will be far more likely to use your services again and recommend you!

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