7 Aaron Falloon

That time of year is here again, the time everyone gets excited for! The reminder that it’s nearly time to get your Christmas decorations hung and presents bought; the John Lewis Christmas ad. This year’s ad once again pulls the heart strings of every viewer, creating a bond between young and old.

How do they always manage to nail it you ask? It’s simple. They pick a story and actors that are bound to make anyone’s heart melt and most probably bring a tear to the eye.

The £1million production had a lot of expectations to meet and it has smashed them once again. The advert is about a young girl, Lily, who enjoys spending her spare time looking through a telescope. Whilst doing so, she sees a lonely old man on the moon living in a shed. Lily does everything she can to contact the old man including shooting messages with a bow and arrow and making paper aeroplanes, however she has no luck.

Christmas Day approaches and she has still not made contact with the old man – but then we see a parcel land on the moon attached onto a bunch of balloons. Sure enough it’s from Lily; she has sent the old man a telescope so he can see her on Earth. He puts the telescope to his eye and looks at Earth, spots Lily and sheds a tear – heart wrenching!

As always, the message behind the advert was to love and be giving. Rachel Swift, Head of Marketing at John Lewis, said: “It has become part of our handwriting as a brand. It’s about storytelling through music and emotion. The sentiment behind that hasn’t changed – and that is quite intentional. The strategy behind our campaigns is always about thoughtful gifting.”

Last year Sainsbury’s pulled off a touching Christmas advert about World War I, which in my opinion was probably one of the best Christmas adverts in a long time, however will they be able to beat it this year? Or even beat John Lewis? What more is there to say about the John Lewis advert? They have once again won the Christmas advert war….so far.

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