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17 Rebecca D'Cunha

Those who have worked with Gravytrain for a number of years will know that we are constantly adapting our strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition and provide our customers best in class campaigns. This is why a few months ago we created our own Digital PR division named “Jam & Spoon” which focusses on providing digital PR to clients across the board.

One such client is MotorQuoteDirect (part of the Bedford Insurance Group), where we recently utilised our Gravytrain and Jam & Spoon divisions to create an outreach campaign on the subject of car insurance. To achieve this, we used data from a range of reputable sources including government statistics and European surveys concerning both male and female drivers.

Collecting this data was no small task, especially as certain data required cross-referencing in order for us to gain the insights we required. However, once this task was finally complete we had valuable insight into both male and female drivers for MotorQuoteDirect, insight which we then decided to package in a format that would be both engaging and informative.

The final result was an interactive online quiz hosted on the MotorQuoteDirect website along with accompanying articles explaining the findings in further detail. By visiting the MotorQuoteDirect website, users are able to take the quiz as well as find out whether their beliefs concerning female and male drivers are true.

The final part of this campaign for MotorQuoteDirect was outreach – through previous campaigns we have built relationships with numerous webmasters and journalists throughout the UK (in fact we have previously had work published in outlets such as The Independent and The Daily Express).

Car Keys is the first website to publish MotorQuoteDirect’s campaign, and we are currently in talks with numerous other outlets to do the same. Not only is Car Keys a popular website with users looking to buy new cars, they regularly publish news stories on driving and the motor industry, making them a valuable partner for MotorQuoteDirect.

SEO, Data Analysis, Graphic Design, Content Marketing and Outreach were just some of the specialities used for this project; a project that has not only provided high-quality content for the MotorQutoeDirect website but also increased brand awareness, gained natural external links and provided valuable data on the motoring industry.

If you would like to take MotorQuoteDirect’s quiz for yourself and test your knowledge on male and female drivers then you can find it here. To find out how your company can benefit from similar work please contact us.

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