Our 6 Magento Ecommerce Tips

3 Henry Kingston

Magento is the fastest growing online shopping platform in the world. It is highly customisable, low maintenance and provides the user with a seamless, secure shopping experience. As well as having multi store capabilities, it is also designed to be mobile ready, meaning it will display properly regardless of which device you use to access it.

Magento is very flexible and relatively easy to use but is not always straightforward, which is why at Gravytrain we have a development team of certified Magento experts in house. They have been kind enough to share a few tips to help you make the most of your Magento site.

1. Leave Core Files Alone!  

Core file changes can be catastrophic. It means that any future upgrades made to Magento to embrace new features or for security reasons will over write previous changes made within the core file functionality. This in turn means that the work would have to be redone, which is a waste of time and resources. Any changes to Magento should always be made according to best practises, shortcuts rarely save you time in the long run, as mentioned in our ‘Picking a Winner – Choosing Your Magento Agency’.

2. Embrace User Experience (UX)

When it comes to your website it is best to consider function as well as form. Even if you have the best looking website in the world, if the UX is not optimised your website may suffer as a result. Pinpoint who your audience is, how they will navigate around your site, how they will be accessing it (e.g. laptop, mobile device etc.) and what they will want to get out of it. Great UX will keep users in the buying cycle and will deter them from going to any other websites instead.

3. Be Wary Of Themes

Once you have correctly identified your audience you will need to decide on the design and feel of your Magento site. Magento has a vast collection of themes however these are not always the best way to go and can often be problematic. Bloated code can lead to performance issues, slowing down your site and affecting conversions never mind the issues created around SEO. Additionally, whilst there are many Magento themes available on the market, not all of them are mobile responsive so double check with your Magento agency. It’s worth noting that if you include tablets, mobile usage has now officially overtaken desktops. According to comscore.com the combination of the two platforms now account for at least 60% of web browsing.

4. Utilise Magento Features

Magento comes with a whole heap of brilliant features straight out the box, including cross sells, up sells and related products. These have been designed specifically to help your business and should be embraced not ignored, especially as you have paid for them already!

5. Enable Customer Reviews

These are a fantastic way to build up trust. Amazon were the pioneers of review led shopping and they are now a global mega company. Research has even shown we are more likely to trust a review by an amateur customer than one by a professional critic. On Magento, you can set it up so that you get to screen every review before they go up live, as a way of filtering out any spam, correcting any grammatical mistakes and making sure there is nothing offensive (e.g. swearing) in the review. Reviews are up there with product features and price in terms of their importance when influencing the purchasing decision.

6. Focus Less on Buying Cycle

Consumers are cannier than ever before, and simply filling your site with sales driven copy will convince nobody, and may even turn users away from it. Informative and relevant content is the key and is crucial to building trust between your brand and your customers. This is further enhanced by reviews with providence (i.e. by a trusted third party review site) and having an in depth FAQ section

Some of these tips may seem like good old fashioned common sense, and others may never have crossed your mind; Magento is such an impressive and versatile tool and we want people to get the most out of it.

Hopefully our experts have opened your eyes, and if you have any more questions you are always welcome to get in touch!

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