Preparing your PPC Campaign for Black Friday

7 Aaron Falloon

In America Black Friday is a well-established tradition where shops across the country hold sales in the build up to Christmas. Black Friday is traditionally held the day after Thanksgiving which is on the last Thursday of November, which is why in previous years it hasn’t been adopted in the UK. However, online retailers have started to realise the massive selling opportunity of Black Friday and it’s online equivalent Cyber Monday (however both can overlap), and as such have brought the tradition over to the UK.

As an e-commerce site the amount of revenue Black Friday can bring is huge as it’s held during a time where millions of people start their Christmas shopping. Affording Christmas is never easy, which is why sellers have realised that consumers are more likely to use their services if they launch sales in the November to December period. All of this means that with an optimised PPC campaign in place you will be able to capitalise on a considerable amount of users all willing to spend money during a short time period.

As previously mentioned, smart UK retailers have already been reaping the benefits of Black Friday, however this doesn’t mean that there isn’t still space in the market. In fact, by implementing a PPC strategy now you will be ready to make the most out of the Black Friday period later this year. One thing to remember is that your PPC campaign will not only be able to drive conversions online but also in your store, so make sure you create a holistic campaign which considers different types of shopping behaviours.

Along with keeping your offline sales strategy in mind it is essential you fully optimise your mobile ads with both call and location extensions in order to encourage site and store visits. Remember, PPC is there to help you gain as many conversions as possible so don’t alienate users just because they are on a mobile or tablet!

At the same as making your ads visible to as many users as possible you need to keep in mind that in order to gain ROI and optimal click through and conversation rates your ads must be targeted. Campaigns therefore need to have ad scheduling so that they are competitive during peak shopping hours which are generally between 9am and 1pm and 1pm and 5pm however are subject to change.

Finally, when it comes to your adverts you need to make sure you create a sense of urgency as traditionally Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales very short, which means you need to remind users that your offers are for a limited time only. In order to achieve this, create specific ads to attract customers to your site and use up-to-date Remarketing and PPC ads with Black Friday and Cyber Monday text.

Creating specific PPC campaigns for Black Friday is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to implementing a successful PPC strategy for the Christmas period, which is why over the next few months I will be providing further tips and advice. If you have any specific questions before then, or would like more information on how Gravytrain can help your business capitalise on the holiday period, please make sure to get in touch.

Top Tips for Black Friday PPC Campaigns

  • Use your PPC campaigns to target both online and in-store sales.
  • Fully optimise mobile ads with both call and location extensions.
  • Create specific Black Friday ads to attract customers to your site .
  • Create a sense of urgency – Black Friday/Cyber Monday is a very short time period, inform your audience that your promotions won’t last long!
  • Schedule campaigns so that they are competitive during peak shopping hours.
  • Adjust PPC bids and budgets to ensure you’re capitalising on additional site traffic.
  • Use up-to-date Remarketing and PPC ads with Black Friday and Cyber Monday text.
  • Plan ahead, but be ready to make last minute changes such as hourly offers.

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