A Proud Moment – The Drum Search Awards

9 Dan Whitehouse

Today is the day that we’ve been working towards as a company for over a year now. Back in spring last year, Gravytrain developed a single philosophy that has driven the company forward. It’s a very simple philosophy yet it encompasses everything we believe in as an organisation:

“Be Brave” 

To to be brave doesn’t mean carelessly and blindly dive head first into a challenge, but to define what needs to be overcome and then whole-heartedly focussing on achieving this goal.

However, being whole-hearted is not a thing to take lightly. Choosing to focus on something is half the battle, to put all your passion, time and knowledge into a challenging task takes determination. 

Harnessing bravery has lead us to create new technology, processes and relationships that have moved this company forward by leaps and bounds. We would say now that our proposition is the best in the world, but who wouldn’t? A self-accreditation is worth next to nothing, with many people creating accolades for themselves and not having them validated by the community.

Today it gives me great pleasure to announce that we’ve been nominated for no less than five industry recognised awards for the amazing work the Digital Team has done over the past year. This really highlights a turning point for the company, as the technology that’s been created is now industry recognised and showing some fantastic results. Combine that with the bravery the company as a whole has shown, and we have a winning formula.

What’s more, we have been nominated for awards across the board, showing the company’s wide-ranging skills and dedication to always challenging ourselves.

Our nominations include:

  • Best B2B Campaign – SEO
  • Best Use of Paid Search as part of a programmatic Strategy – PPC
  • Best Use of PR – SEO
  • Best Financial Services Campaign – PPC
  • Best Financial Services Campaign – SEO

Read more about our entries here:


You might be surprised about what can be achieved for you too.

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