A great charity marketing campaign and why it worked…

7 Aaron Falloon


Recently the charity Raising the Roof shared a Youtube video with the digital world. This video was not only compelling but also touching to anyone and everyone who watches it. The video shows 6 people who are currently homeless or have previously been homeless reading hateful tweets that are aimed at them or about the homeless in general, including the ironic statement “If home is where the heart is, then are homeless people heartless?”

This incredibly eye opening video worked so well due to the effective advertising techniques they used.  The campaign doesn’t necessarily have a target audience which can sometimes make life harder but for this video all they needed was any one with a heart to watch it.

The video is filmed on a high quality camera making it look professional however, the cameraman has chosen to video it using the hand held shots which in turn makes the audience feel part of the film and it feels ‘real’ to them. Using a hand held camera shot gives the video a gritty realism which is why the video works so well.

Raising the Roof also cleverly combined two very strong marketing techniques by connecting real life pain with the world of social media. Social media is supposed to be a way of connecting with people however when using it you don’t see the real life emotion at the receiving end.  This video has not only shown the pain that these homeless people go through on a day to day basis but also how easy it is to write something on social media  that could bring someone to tears.

This may be one of the reasons why people find this video so emotional because almost everyone has written or been on the receiving end of a tweet that offends or hurts them. This means the audience can just slightly relate to how the homeless feel but know that it isn’t even the half of it.

Raising the Roof has thought long and hard about how they can produce a marketing campaign that will not only raise awareness but will also help people relate to it. If the audience can relate to your campaign you are more likely to have an impact.