The Recipe for Success

3 Henry Kingston

To make a delicious meal, you require three things:

– Ingredients
– Recipe
– Chef

Without all three, you will not end up with a delightful dish, but a pile of disappointment.

What use are great ingredients and a wonderful recipe without a chef to prepare it?

Or how can a chef with an award winning recipe do anything unless he has the right ingredients to work with?

Creating content for your website is no different.

You need:
– Data
– An idea
– Copywriter

Allow me to elaborate below…


Michelin starred chefs do not use bargain basement ingredients.
To make an amazing meal, you need to have not only the best ingredients, but also the correct ingredients.
This is the same role data plays when it comes to content creation.

Maybe you are already sitting on a ton of data, or perhaps you are thinking of commissioning a survey to gather some new data?
It is of the utmost importance that the data you use to inform your content piece is relevant for your target audience, and from a reliable source.
The provenance of your data can make or break content; good data gives added weight and helps to cement your position as an authority on the matter.
In the same breath, if your data is not gathered with your target audience in mind, then even the most impressive insights could fail to gain you any traction.

The Recipe

Once you have your ingredients, the next step is find the right recipe.
If you have all the ingredients needed to make a Caesar salad, you wouldn’t follow a spaghetti Bolognese recipe.
And if your restaurant is renowned for its salads, and people are coming from far and wide specifically to sample them, do not serve up a plate of pasta.
With content creative, the recipe is the creative angle, the idea, the hook.
It needs to be original and engaging, but more importantly it has to appeal to the right audience.
Another mistake often made is when the creative is dictated by the data, when actually the data should play more of a supporting role, and compliment the creative.

The Chef

Having managed to source the finest ingredients and chosen a mouth-watering recipe to use them in, the only thing left is the chef.
Now whilst a good chef can bring the best features out of bad ingredients, a bad chef will do the opposite.
They can cut corners, ignore the recipe, swap out ingredients…
Even if they follow the recipe to the letter that is still no guarantee of success.
Your incredible data and ingenious idea can all be destroyed by a bad copywriter.
When it comes to content, quality definitely counts.

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