SEO Trends for 2017

Joe Volcy

The SEO industry is fast paced and dynamic. We’re almost at the end of this year and looking back on the latest technologies we can see a few trends which could dictate the SEO pace in 2017.

Below are the ones we predict will have the biggest impact on the industry.

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs).

We recently wrote about Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm and AMP and its increasing importance. AMPs are an open-source protocol which allow the creation of web pages capable of loading almost instantly on mobile devices. Google has already started giving preferences to sites that have converted to AMPs, giving them visibility in a carousel and a small icon indicating their AMP status (a lighting bolt). We expect a rise in AMPs in 2017, due to Google’s clear preference of AMP sites

2. User Experience & Conversion Rate Optimisation

Throughout the years, User Experience (UX) has become more important in SEO. For example Google is giving more importance to websites that are well-optimised for mobile devices. Page loading speed is now a strong ranking factor together with user engagement on a website (e.g. time spent on pages). We can expect Google to give even more weight to user experience, especially as it relates to mobile devices. AMPs could be the first sign of this change. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) which is all about converting visitors into customers will work hand in hand with UX and SEO. This is essentially because more, and better, conversions are ultimately the main goals of any form of digital marketing activity.

3. “Content” is still king but also reigning over new territories

In the early years of content marketing, it was essentially about producing as much content as possible, but in recent years, we’ve seen a flow of quality content and a tendency of creating long pieces of content which cover a topic expansively. Whilst content quality is vital, we believe content presentation will be another factor in the mix. Readers are more likely to read engaging content presented in the most effective way, while using the space on a web page in the best possible way. This could be the next level of content marketing.

4. More attention to Apps

SEO options for mobile apps have seen big developments in the last couple of years, from the essentials of app indexing to deep-linking content within apps. We have recently seen the development of more advanced tech like app streaming, which allows users to stream app content without downloading the app to their mobile devices. We expect to see more SEO preferences to apps in 2017, even though Google has been able to satisfy app users without separating the core functions of its search engine so far.

5. The rise of Personal Digital Assistants

Personal digital assistants have become part of our daily lives. Tools like Siri, Cortana, Google Home and most recently Amazon Echo are making our lives simpler, and have triggered a sudden increased in number of conversational queries that users use in the context of search. A recent experiment has even demonstrated how friendly PDAs can be as a companion. We can expect even more sophistication in this field which will in turn give a chance to new types of search and more advanced forms of conversational queries. It looks that this could be the new exciting era of SEO.

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