How to Stay Relevant in a Data Driven World

Sam Ovenden

Data, Data, Data

There has been a heightened awareness and drive from companies to become more customer orientated in recent years, but how often is this put through into practice?

Working in digital there’s a strong focus on data driven approaches, and we often get sucked into relying too much on this and becoming narrow minded. Of course, data is hugely important and there is so much to learn from statistics and records of your customer behaviour, ad performances, trends, etc. But, all the fixed data in the world can be undone by one variable; your customer.

Understanding how your customer behaves, how they use the internet, what they search for and what they buy is all great and hugely helpful to digital campaigns… for the most part.

But, if you want to truly engage with your customers you need to look at the bigger picture. Think outside the box and connect with them on a linear level, instead of just trying to sell down to them. Looking at industry news can help you stay ahead of trends, and identifying aspects of life that are affecting your target audience on a day-to-day level can allow you to reach your target audience from a whole new perspective.

Super Bowl 2017

The Super Bowl is renowned for its half-time ads and this year – as expected – there was a strong political theme throughout. This is a great example of top brands using something that is impacting their target audience on a day-to-day to resonate with and reach from a different, relatable perspective.

Budweiser’s commercial focused on an immigrant journeying to America, Coca Cola re-used a previous ad which featured many different languages singing ‘America the Beautiful’ whilst Airbnb’s commercial sent a strong message of acceptance.

And then there was Avocados from Mexico’s ad. Who, with perhaps the most ammunition for a political reference, chose instead a light-hearted ad filled with jokes. By opting to provide relief from the current state of political affairs set them apart and by including a joke about ‘deflategate’ (a NFL controversy involving one of the teams in the Super Bowl) they remained relevant to those watching and reached them from a different angle.


More and more people are now talking about H2H (human-to-human) instead of B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer). But how can you do this in digital?

Converse are a great example of this, when in 2010 they launched a Paid Search campaign targeting keywords which their target audience often Googled – even if they weren’t relevant to the products they were selling. They looked at which keywords had the highest search volume and lowest competition, and generated ad copy and micro sites relevant to these searches.

Examples of the keywords they targeted are ‘First day of summer’, ‘Spelling bee’, ‘How to talk to girls’, and ‘How to kiss’ (Digital Training Academy).

By providing humorous results and ‘advice’, they could reach their target audience in a way which most brands do not and became relevant in all new aspects of their life.

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