Target the 25% of Users who only browse on Mobile Devices

17 Rebecca D'Cunha


To ensure your website gains conversions, customer journeys need to be as quick and easy as possible. Even issues that may be considered small at first can eventually hinder your entire website and the amount of conversions you receive. For example, you may not think having a mobile friendly website is a high priority, however without it you will miss out on attracting the 25% of users who only access the Internet via mobile devices.

One of Gravytrain’s clients that is staying well ahead of the curve is Nova Insurance who we have worked closely with on a number of previous projects. We have provided Nova Insurance with website design and development services, PPC and SEO campaigns, and numerous social media projects in order to create a holistic digital marketing strategy. Now, we have adapted their mobile website so that it is responsive and user-friendly on any device.

Unlike some responsive websites, Nova Insurance’s new website doesn’t just apply itself to certain mobile devices, but responds to users’ screen sizes. This means that user journeys will be optimised no matter what device is being used and that the website will be able to adapt to new technology in the future.

Below are various screen shots of Nova Insurance’s mobile website as seen on an iPhone:

Image on iPhone
Image on iPhone

For comparison, here are screen shots from a Samsung Galaxy 3:

Image on Samsung
Image on Samsung

As you can see, even though the information presented is the same for each device, the website automatically resizes so that it is displayed in the best way possible. User experience is further improved with the use of drop down menus which enable easy navigation to desired pages, thus reducing user journeys.

Simplicity and flexibility are two things that every webmaster should keep in mind when designing a website. User experience is king when it comes to website conversions, which is why it is essential that regardless of the device your website is visited with it is simple to use. With their website enabled to take on any device in the future, Nova Insurance is well placed to expand their business for years to come.

If you are thinking about making your website responsive please contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with a range of flexible options and competitive prices.

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