The Apple Watch is here!

7 Aaron Falloon

Today is the official release date of the Apple Watch and it is predicted that it will change the way we communicate with each other.

Whilst you can’t walk into an Apple store and pick one up for yourself, if you have pre-ordered it is finally on its way to you. However, it has been reported that there is a 2 month delivery wait. You also shouldn’t expect to see the Apple Watch in shops until at least this summer.

It has been reported that Apple have sold more watches during the pre-order period than the Android Watch sold during 2014 and if you haven’t pre-ordered there are rumours that new orders have been pushed back to July.

If you are looking to purchase the Apple Watch today and haven’t pre-ordered then you can only test one out in one of five locations across the world:

  • Corso Como – Milan
  • Maxfield – Los Angeles
  • The Corner – Berlin
  • Dover Street Market – Tokyo
  • Dover Street Market – London

Even if you manage to get into one of these stores, you will still have to wait until the summer until you can actually purchase your Watch.

The Watch has been positioned at the luxury end of the market and they have already had a helping hand achieving this from Beyoncé. She was spotted at the weekend wearing an all-gold version of the watch at Coachella, a week before they were released!

If it’s good enough for Beyoncé, it’s good enough for us right? Well if you have a spare £13,500 then why not? If you are anything like us and not one half of music’s ultimate power couple then there are some cheaper alternatives available.

Prices start at £299 for the sports watch and increase from here depending on which of the 38 models you opt for. There are three types of watch in the range including the Sports Watch, the standard stainless steel Apple Watch and the 18-carat gold edition. Each watch in the range comes in two sizes and a choice of straps. Apple are claiming that it is their “most personal device yet” because you are able to determine the way it looks and are even able to record your heartbeat and send it to any of your contacts.

Although not the first smart watch to come to the market, it is expected to make between $20 to $30 million dollars during the first year.