The brilliance of Spotify’s ‘Found them First’ tool: Understanding hipsters, highlighting a USP and making data art

7 Aaron Falloon

Spotify, the music-streaming service, has launched a new tool that allows their users to find out if they have listened to an artist before they made it big. Music lovers, enthusiasts and snobs are now able to go head-to-head to see who has the most non-commercial audio taste.

It’s a brilliant creation by Spotify, especially in a marketing sense.

Firstly, its a tool that will be lapped up by the hipster community. Therefore showcasing the company’s intricate understanding and insight into what makes their main user demographic tick.

Secondly, it also highlights a USP to their audience in what is becoming a very saturated market – they’ve been around a long time (in terms of music-streaming years, at least). Newer services, such as the celeb-backed Tidal, couldn’t have created this tool simply because they don’t have the historic data about their users to do so.

Which brings me to the final reason why this tool works (albeit a somewhat selfish reason); its made data fun. Most marketers now view data as a useful tool in itself when predicting seasonal trends or whether their service/ product is most popular with males living in Basingstoke or dogs between the ages of three and six, but are at a loss when it comes to using it to create content that is engaging, interactive and shareable. Spotify have achieved just that.

Excuse the hipster chit-chat but when it comes to this tool; the data is the art.

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