Should We Think Differently About Online Videos?

Videos are showing rapid growth and are quickly becoming a major source for user’s information and entertainment needs.

Anushree Dubey

Success in the digital industry comes when creative, data and media are subsumed together in a strategy. And when it comes to content marketing & video, it becomes even more essential to embrace all 3 factors.

Videos are showing rapid growth in content marketing and are quickly becoming a major source for user’s information and entertainment needs. People love watching videos online irrespective of platforms or devices. Probably a lot of times they won’t remember where they saw the video – online or on TV, mobile or laptop.

According to CISCO – “Globally video traffic will be 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020, up from 70% in 2015”. Also, “Internet video-to-TV traffic will be 26% of consumer Internet video traffic by 2020, up from 24% in 2015.” This clearly shows viewers are curating their own content streams, without caring much about – “digital,” “cable,” “smartphone,” or “television.” They cast YouTube to their TVs and TVs to their YouTube. We are living in a multi-screen, multi-platform world where consumers are either “cord-cutters” or “cord-nevers”. This has been a trend for a while now and raises the question if it is primarily changing how people watch videos?

YouTube research suggests that the time people spend watching YouTube on TV has doubled. Every 2 out of 3 YouTube watchers say that they watch YouTube on TVs. Another report by Salesforce states that – 68% millennials (18 – 34) would choose TV service by tech companies over any cable TV.

Google is already in the game for taking up at the cable industry and has launched YouTube TV last month beating its competitors who have been trying to put their own TV packages. It will be early to comment whether these packages will be successful or whether the traditional cable industry with advertising and subscriptions will lead the new digital age. But it is certain that there is a rise in online videos on TV screens and brands need to think of ways of adapting this user behaviour.

With this rise in online videos, it will be interesting to contemplate – In 5 years’ time, would you be reading this article or watching it?

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