Top Google Searches in 2014

17 Rebecca D'Cunha


As SEOs we are always investigating what people are searching for and therefore what information they desire in order to deliver it. Google have released their top searches of 2014 including the top cake recipes, the top news stories and the most searched celebrities!

Cake Recipes

Let’s start with the positive searches…. Cake recipes! Google has revealed that the most popular cake recipe searched is chocolate cake. Now at Gravytrain we are quite partial to a slice of cake although as you can see we aren’t too fussy on the flavour!

Cake Recipes




Ok enough of the cake pictures, you get the point!

Holiday Destinations

Now as much as we love coming to work, we do enjoy our holidays as well. Having been to Paris myself I am not surprised that it is the most searched holiday destination, although I am pretty sure our resident Italian would be unhappy to see that Italy is 6th on the list!

Holiday Destination


Again, I am not at all surprised by the most searched celebrities… Kim Kardashian did try and break the internet with her derrière and women’s hearts across the world were broken when George Clooney got married. So to make their heartache worse, they took to Google to look at his wedding photos, eat ice cream and cry (or was this just me!?) Moving on…

Celebrities - Male

Celebrities - Female

News Stories

The most searched news stories mark the ups and downs that 2014 bought with the Malaysian Airways disasters being the most searched news story of 2014.

News Stories

What is?

The most searched “what is” terms again represent the highs and lows that we faced in 2014. “What is Ebola?” was the most searched in this category followed in second by “What is ALS?” which references the Ice Bucket Challenge that was a viral phenomenon last year!

What is.png

These are just some of the most searched terms in 2014, check out Google’s video that shows during 2014 we searched for hope more than fear, science more than fiction, we searched for the things we love and for greatness, we searched to find sense, we searched to remember and we searched to seek inspiration. Happy New Year everyone!