Uber expands into carpooling market: UberCommute launches in China

7 Aaron Falloon

Uber – the world’s most popular and, at times, most controversial taxi app – is set to launch a new service which will allow people to share a car when and the cost of commuting to work. UberCommute is first available in China.

UberCommute will work in a similar way as the original Uber service which we all know too well. When a driver leaves for work, they can set their desired location and then view requests from would-be passengers on the way (along with the estimated payment per user).

In order to access the service, users only need to select People’s Uber+.

It’s a smart move by Uber who have come under some deep criticism of late. The service makes the app even more appealing to its main target demographic; people working within cities. Along with this, it increases taxi availability during peak hours. Finally, it paints the company in a good light; governments around the globe have been encouraging workers to share a car to work in order to reduce CO2 emissions for years and Uber may have just found the answer (who knew!).

The new service will be piloted in the Chinese city of Chengdu (where the app is used most often) but we’re sure it will be coming the UK very soon.

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