UK businesses spent close to £1bn on programmatic advertising last year

7 Aaron Falloon

A study by the IAB has revealed that £960 million was spent on programmatic advertising by British companies in 2014. This accounted for almost half of all display ad spend.

On top of this, the volume of programmatic trading for mobile adverts was double compared to the figure from the year before. Meaning two-thirds of what is spent on ads for mobile, is done so through programmatic platforms.

These figures and sharp rises will not come as a shock to most advertisers. Personalised marketing, rather than marketing at mass, is the holy grail for many businesses and they are willing to spend big in order to achieve it.

Marketers strive to deliver the correct message to the correct audience at the correct time. At its very least, programmatics is the best readily available solution to this problem. At its most grand, it could be argued that that is true definition of programmatic advertising.

With programmatic ad spend estimated to make up 80 per cent of all digital spend by 2018, the adoption of programmatics by brands is set to only grow for the forseeable future.