What to expect as a Gravytrain Intern

9 Dan Whitehouse

Eagle-eyed readers will note that a few weeks ago Gravytrain announced that after an extremely successful night at Kingston University’s Spotlight on Marketing, Advertising and PR event we decided to hire a new intern to join the Digital Marketing team this May.

However, this isn’t the first time Gravytrain has had interns join our team. In fact, we regularly offer placements and internships to university students looking to progress within their chosen careers and gain first-hand knowledge of the industry.

A few months ago we were joined by Aisling Glynn, a first year student at University College Dublin. Aisling spent two weeks at the Gravytrain office where she was given a number of tasks and provided training on numerous digital marketing strategies.

Below is her experience:

“Last January I spent two weeks working as an intern in the Gravytrain office. Throughout my time I was shown a variety of different digital marketing strategies including PPC, blogging, social media planning, Google Analytics and more.

I really enjoyed the diversity of my roles as it ensured the work was always interesting and I was constantly learning new things. I was presented with a range of tasks including being asked to write blogs for companies, constructing Gravytrain’s Facebook calendar and presenting findings on several companies’ PPC performance.

The level of responsibility I was given was much more than I anticipated and this really added to my excitement for each task. The staff at Gravytrain were all so friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere was very relaxed. I felt like everyone wanted me to get the best out of the experience and this was emphasised when they encouraged me to attempt the Google Fundamentals Exam.

I was originally apprehensive as prior to the work experience I knew nothing of Pay Per Click advertising. However, with the support and guidance of the Gravytrain team I soon learned so much about Google AdWords and the system behind this form of marketing that on the last day I sat the exam and was delighted to receive 93%!

This to me highlighted just how much I learned from the experience and it is something that will definitely help me in future. As a student in her first year of university I without a doubt learned more about the world of marketing in my two weeks at Gravytrain than I have in the last 4 months of my degree. Therefore, if you’d like to gain experience in a variety of digital marketing roles and be given both responsibility and support by enthusiastic co-workers Gravytrain is the place for you.”

– Aisling Glynn, Bachelor of Commerce Student, University College Dublin