162% Rise in Conversions with Bespoke AdTech

Using exclusive adtech, A-Plan’s ad spend could be directly tailored to their budget with a strategy that analysed keywords for highly-optimised bidding

A-Plan are insurance experts, providing cover for a wide range of element such as home and contents, life and health, pets, and travel. Starting in the 1960s, A-Plan has helped over 600,000 people find the right insurance, and they were keen to keep up this excellent reputation by offering a top-quality experience for the website users.

Their Challenge

The insurance industry is a highly-competitive one, with many companies fighting their way through a saturated market in order to be visible to their ideal customer. A-Plan wanted to see the best results they could from a restricted budget, resulting in better leads and increased conversions.

Therefore, our task was to utilise this limited budget in the most effective way possible.

Our Approach

In order to give A-Plan the best results for their budget, we integrated our bespoke adtech across both brand and commercial campaigns. The main focus of this was to optimise ad spend by checking the keywords performance against KPIs every day. A-Plan had a target CPA (cost per acquisition) so the adtech automatically targets the keywords that would result in the highest number of conversions.

Their Results

With the help of our adtech, we were able to set A Plan up with a bidding strategy that worked in favour of their budget. Keywords were analysed each day; bidding for small keywords that were unlikely to convert was reduced, whereas keywords that would provide maximum conversions aligned with target CPA would receive bids.

With this approach, A Plan saw a 169.89% increase in conversions in the first year, and an increase of 8.73% on top of that for the following year.

  • Conversions Increase 15/16

  • Conversions Increase 16/17