31.4% YOY Organic Growth

Secure a 31.4% organic traffic increase Year on Year and the Top 2 spots in Google.

“How can a niche insurance provider take on the comparison sites and win?”

Comfort Insurance is a small insurance brokerage specialising in motorhome and campervan insurance. The company sought to gain traction in a highly competitive sector, crowded by large comparison sites. Our goal was simple: take on large aggregators by placing Comfort Insurance as a niche specialist who care about their customers and offer high-quality products.

Comfort case study

The Brief

Gravytrain has worked with Comfort Insurance for a number of years, meaning we have a very strong relationship that allows us to understand all aspects of their business, their products and their customers. In order to improve organic traffic YOY, we merged quantitative and qualitative data to create a holistic SEO/Content Marketing campaign that would appeal to Comfort Insurance’s audience as well as secure high rankings in Google.

The Goals

Our aim was to be flexible with our campaigns so that we could keep up with changes in the search landscape as well as seize upon any opportunities that may present themselves. With that said, we aimed for continual, natural growth, with our objectives being:

  • 2014 – 60% YOY growth of leads from organic search. Top 7 positions for core ranking terms “Campervan Insurance” and “Motorhome Insurance”
  • 2015 – 15% YOY growth of leads from organic search. Top 3 positions for core ranking terms “Campervan Insurance” and “Motorhome Insurance”

Even though we focussed on gaining top rankings for Comfort Insurance’s key terms “Campervan Insurance” and “Motorhome Insurance”, our work also targeted long tail keywords on a number of subjects surrounding motorhomes, campervans and camping.

Our Approach

While the market for motorhome and campervan products is dominated by large comparison sites, the content on these sites is rather light as well as limited to mostly generic top-level pages with maybe a paragraph’s worth of content. However, our keyword audit suggested that the audience for these products had numerous individual questions and needs, giving us the opportunity to develop a deeper content strategy that would better serve potential customers who are researching purchase opportunities online.

Furthermore, whilst comparison sites have much stronger domains as a result of their relatively big budgets, there is actually very little activity specifically around motorhome and campervan products – these pages were appearing seemingly due to the investment made in other product areas. We felt a highly-targeted, off-site campaign would therefore gain more traction than usual metrics would indicate.

Our strategy was two pronged: firstly, we wanted to ensure that we had better content than what was currently on most comparison sites that answered as many questions as possible and contained information that users need. Secondly, we would utilise high-quality, lightweight content to encourage linking from customers as well as those in related industries such as motorhome manufacturers, dealerships and campsites.


As Comfort Insurance already had existing strong relationships with consumer publications in the camping and caravanning sector, we decided to work in conjunction with their partners to create content with natural links that would help towards the site’s domain authority.

Creating a content schedule was essential for Comfort Insurance as their products are very seasonal – articles and associated pieces of content would need to fit in with the changing needs of established and potential customers throughout the year. Furthermore, Comfort Insurance often attends and sponsors motorhome and campervan events which we highlighted in our content to further demonstrate the company’s involvement in the sector and their dedication to their customers.

With numerous keywords, subject matters and seasonal events to work with, Gravytrain created a plethora of content including interactive road-trip guides, FAQ articles, diagrams on motorhome safety and competitions. At the same time, we utilised SEO best-practices to keep the website at an optimal quality, delivering both fantastic User Experience and remaining in line with Google’s requirements at all times.

The Results

Our aim for 2015 was to achieve a 15% year-on-year growth of leads from organic search as well as feature in the top 3 organic positions for the terms “Campervan Insurance” and “Motorhome Insurance”. Not only did we achieve this target, we smashed it, providing:

  • A 31.4% increase in organic traffic year on year (Jan-Dec 2015), and a 61.4% increase from 2014.
  • 2nd position rankings for the 2 core ‘head’ keywords “Motorhome Insurance” and “Campervan Insurance”.
Comfort search ranking

With this campaign we have proven that even small companies can take on the comparison site giants as long as they have a well-rounded SEO strategy that blends technology, data and creativity to engage with customers at every stage of the buying journey.

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We have partnered with Gravytrain as our SEO specialists for over 3 years now. They have responded brilliantly to feedback and been professional and proactive achieving excellent rankings for our most important keywords.

- Charlotte Davies – Marketing Manager, Comfort Insurance

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