98% Increase in Clicks Per Month & Improved CTR

Children in Crisis were able to secure $120k ad spend through Google Ad Grants & saw huge increases in CTR, clicks per month and time on site

Set up in 1993 by the Duchess of York, Children in Crisis is a non-profit organisation aimed at improving the lives of children living in third-world countries. They do this through education and training, building schools and training social workers to provide ongoing support.

Their Challenge

The charity sector is a fiercely competitive one, with hundreds of organisations vying for attention in the digital space. Children in Crisis wanted to raise awareness of their charity in order to aid with fund-raising.

However, without a detailed knowledge of PPC, they were finding it hard to create the right online ads targeted at the most relevant audience. Children in Crisis was also unaware of how to achieve Google Ad Grants status, a scheme whereby Google donates towards charity ad spends.

After achieving Ad Grant status, Children in Crisis would also be constrained to a $2 a day CPC limit, meaning keywords based around ‘charity’ would be too competitive, requiring intense keyword research.

Our Solution

One of the first aspects we looked at was setting up a Google Ad Grants account for Children in Crisis. This would allow them to receive a significant amount of money towards their ad spend. We set up conversion tracking and used our keyword research to create ad groups in order to target the most relevant audiences.

In order to maximise outreach while still conforming to Google’s limits, we decided to capitalise on a topical event. The team set up a summer campaign centred on the Paralympics, associating this event with the desire to improve the lives of disabled children in less fortunate areas. We could also advise on other such events that could be good to work alongside, such as the ongoing refugee crisis and emotive occasions like Christmas.

One of our solutions was to create a piece of tech that iterates through an account’s Search Query Report, identifying queries that have triggered non-Exact Match target keywords and adds the query as an Exact Match keyword. This allowed for our keyword list to continuously grow with high quality keywords.


Their Results

Our work with Children in Crisis resulted in twice as many monthly clicks, greatly increasing traffic to their website – which of course was a key objective Children in Crisis presented to us. CTR (click through rate) more than doubled, showing that Children in Crisis were indeed relevant to their target audience and could meaningfully connect with them through ad copy.

Average time on the site also increased, showing the traffic that we helped Children in Crisis reach was not only larger in volume, but also of a higher quality.

The measurable results of our work with Children in Crisis include securing $120,000 ad spend via Google Ad Grants, 1,000,000 impressions and 35,000 clicks. We also increased their clicks per month by 99.89%, CTR by 176% and time spent on page by 200%.

  • Clicks Per Month Increase

  • Conversion Rate Increase

  • Average Time Spent On Page