Creating Rapid Social Growth

A huge increase in social followers and reach across multiple social channels and campaigns.

aquote bike are one of the UK’s leading specialist bike insurance intermediaries. They compare prices from a panel of leading UK insurances providers and are looking to build their customer base following a re-launched of both their brand and website.

The Brief

They approached us to increase their brand awareness, increase reach and engagement whilst supporting their SEO campaign.  Overiding drive to increase online sales and visits to their website by building their brand on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

The Goals

Prior to taking over the account our client had under 7 fans, 25 followers and had a Klout score of 21.

Our goal was to steadily increase month by month over the next 6 months to around 360 fans, 614 followers and a Klout Score of 45 by interacting and engaging the target demographic.

Our Approach

We work closely with our client due to strict brand and interaction guidelines – the company is part of a larger well established corporation with a traditional mind-set and expectations.  At the same time we wanted to step away from the previous and competitor activity to establish our client as an individual with strong and unique offering to their customer base.  Therefore our strategy centred on creating engaging content that would appeal to our demographic and those outside, to ensure that our content had shareability.  We created and distributed competitions, photo albums, trivia, polls, social commentary and interacted with our followers and sector on a daily basis.


Not wanting to focus on only one demographic such as bikers – we wanted to target all those possibly connected with bikes such as: owners, motorsport fans, enthusiast, collectors and those with a passing interest in the motorcycling world.  This was to increase our reach and create a community feel that was open to all, and valued all opinions equally.

Our competitions offer prizes which are closely beneficial to bikers but can be used and enjoyed by anyone thereby promoting a higher perceived value, increase in shares and achieve a successful rate of engagement and participation.

Our content is spread across a vast range of topics from buying your first motorbike to more niche subjects such as the movements of motorbike manufactures.

Our social feeds presented topical and useful tips for anyone interested in motorbikes which we have seen an increase in retweets and direct messages.

The Results

  • Since March we have increased the amount of Twitter followers from just 25 to 1,353 – a 5312% increase.
  • We forecasted that by July this year we would have 320 followers – we have achieved over 1,000 more than forecasted.
  • Even though we have only been managing the social campaigns for a few months we are now ahead of some of our competitors in both followers and Klout score and are set to overtake even more before the end of the year.
  • Increased fans from 7 to 624 in just 5 months – an 8,814% increase. Our forecast was 200.
  • Our Klout score has shown steady increases since taking over the account based on our high level of engagement and continuous management.  We are very near our competitors who are well established and highly active in the social networks.

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